Ish & Beatriz Beloso


Ish Beloso first developed the love for songwriting as a junior in high school when his dad gave him a guitar for his 17th birthday. As a believer, he began writing Christian songs shortly thereafter. In 1999 he formed a Christian band with his two sisters, Riccinni and Iris, and for a couple years led a music ministry that raised funds for the underprivileged as the band IRIS. Their most memorable venue was opening for then Myrhh recording artist, Mark Schultz, in Myrtle Beach, S.C., in 2000.

Ish went on to medical school beginning in 2001, but never left his love for music and ministry. During medical school, he continued to serve as worship leader for the Orlando Grace Communion International (GCI) congregation, his home church since 1986, and part of the worship team for the Miami GCI congregation.

In 2008, Ish met Beatriz Santander, a young coordinator and translator at Oasis De Esperanza (Oasis of Hope), where he served as a missionary during a medical mission campaign in Santa Marta, Colombia. Ish and Beatriz fell in love and they knew early in their relationship that they would be involved in a life of serving the Lord together. As a counselor, psychologist, and youth ministry leader for her church in Santa Marta, Beatriz has been prepared to serve in the church, and has a genuine passion for pastoring people and serving others.

Ish and Beatriz were married in 2009 and since then have served together in Christian music ministry. In 2011, Ish and Beatriz officially began the journey of Revolution Cry, which is a ministry that unites Christian artists through worship and testimony sharing. As part of Revolution Cry, Ish and Beatriz have partnered with talented musicians who are passionate for Jesus. They have served alongside other artists at worship events, concerts, and conventions, and helped put together a music missionary team to England in 2013 in partnership with Manna Live, a worship ministry led by Yves Paul of First Baptist Church of Orlando.

Today, Ish and Beatriz serve as ministry leaders at GCI Orlando and have two beautiful children, Arielle and Ismael Eduardo. As ministers for the GCI family, Ish and Beatriz help organize the monthly worship event Light The Fire, which unites Christian artists at a coffeehouse church venue once a month on a Saturday evening.


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